If you want to promote your brand in the national and international market, Online Marketing is your right pick. V1 Technologies, a digital marketing agency in Jacksonville, FL strikes the right chord by choosing to promote your business on various digital platforms. With a huge user base, such platforms can provide a marvelous viewership and your brand’s reach is undefinable. Right from building a correct web design for your company to making it a household name, a digital marketing agency leaves no stone unturned to make you popular.

Types of Digital Marketing

1. Content Marketing- Content Creation for clients and giving related valuable information to the readers is a form of Digital Marketing. V1 Technologies has a team of experienced content writers to help clients with sucha marketing strategy.

2. Search Engine Optimization- If you want your website to rank higher on the search engine’s list, then SEO is a must for you and you can hire a digital marketing agency in Jacksonville, FL for the service!

3. Search Engine Marketing- This is similar to the SEO technique mentioned above with the only difference that it is a paid form of Marketing and you pay some amount for your website’s increased visibility.

4. Social Media Marketing- Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are popular digital platforms with billions of user base. Using these platforms to promote your goods and services is termed as Social Media Marketing. A digital marketing agency in Jacksonville, FLhelps your company to maintain social media accounts and make the presence felt to the world!

5. Pay per Click- This is also a paid method of digital marketingwhere the client pays a certain amount per click that is initiated. It is a form of SEM that also includes visual display!

6. Affiliate Marketing- This is a passive income source for an organization that helps the third party to generate sales through the traffic on its portal! You receive commission here against the sales made through your digital ground.


Marketing or promotion methods using the internet are known as Digital Marketing. There are various forms of Digital Marketing and the one most suitable for you can be picked up!

The method that is best suitable for your company and brand is determined by diligent calculations by us and we consider several factors Business Resources, Targets, Industry, Demographics to promote your company.

We report you regularly and keep updating you regarding the progress and impact of the Digital Marketing strategies adopted by us. We support our reports with statics and data figures.

V1 Technologies have come up with several affordable packages for Digital Marketing services and we provide value for money deals. You can easily contact us on our website to know the details.