Marketing has become an indispensable part of a business. Whether you are trading in a product or you’re selling a service, you can’t be successful if you don’t promote or market yourself. There are two types of marketing strategies:

  • Traditional Marketing
  • Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing?

Promoting your business via the web is Digital Marketing. It’s an interactive way of reaching your target audience whether domestic or international. Digital marketing is now the popular means of marketing your business because you can also track the amount of ROI (Return on Investment) you have earned through your marketing technique. A digital marketing agency in Washington, DC gives you fine internet marketing services for your brand promotion!

If you are still not a part of it, you must start your digital marketing campaign today itself because if you’re not digital you are not visible! So, before your competitors lock you out you lock them out. Contact V1 Technologies for great service in Washington DC.

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing


Today we are living in a digital age but some people still follow traditional marketing technics. Basic traditional marketing tactics include basic advertisements on television or magazine or radio. It has been observed that this technique is very costly and gives limited results. But with plenty of digital marketing agencies in Washington, DC, Digital Marketing has become cheap and you can very well afford it!


Traditional advertising has got an obsolete pattern which is fixed and doesn’t allow the changes or customization. So even if you are paying more you may not be reaching your targeted client base. Digital Marketing strategies, on the other hand, can be customized as per the requirements of clients. For example, if you want to publish an ad on a digital platform, you can choose particular specifications to determine your audience base. If it’s female makeup cosmetics, you can easily choose for female viewership in the settings column.

Ad duration

If you don’t run continuous ads in traditional marketing, the people may forget your brand. On the other, in Digital Marketing an advertisement once aired is there on the digital platform forever! This reduces the costs and recurring expenditure payment to a digital marketing agency in Washington, DC


Social Media is one of the main platforms for the promotion of any product through Digital Marketing. With a largenumber of people using smartphones, Social Media Marketing has become the easiest way to reach your target customers.

Traditional Marketing cannot give you a proper estimate of the viewership or impact of the promotional campaign. But a digital marketing agency in Washington, DC gives you updates and results from your Digital Promotional campaigns!

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