Top Content Management System Your Business Need

Top Content Management System Your Business Need

Modern websites need a seamless Content Management System (CMS). Your CMS website enables you to update content regularly. Interestingly you can work on it without the knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP or other web design elements. The CMS you run lets your company's website via browser and update its content the way you work with your email.

Now, the future of the website matters, especially when you're into business. Our website development company in New York can help you when it comes to CMS integration. This blog will focus on the top CMS system your business may integrate as a part of the process.

CMS Evaluation

The approach to website design and development should be simple. You need to provide the best user experience so that customers keep on visiting the site. At V1 Technologies, our approach ensures that future scalability of features and functionalities are easily attainable. This is one of the reasons why the open-source system is instead in demand.

There are many open-source CMS for websites here; we'll focus on some key platforms.


WordPress was designed to be a blogging platform. However, the site has improved dramatically over the years. WordPress keeps on implementing the latest trends on its site. But, the simple interface often comes with a lot of confusion, especially when special functionalities are added to the site.

WordPress requires less training time. However, its total cost can be pretty expensive in the long term. Besides, the available out-of-the-box extensions are numerous, and a significant number of web designing companies in New York push WordPress to their clients.


Drupal is one of the most popular open-source CMS websites. Some of the critical areas include performance, speed, security, maturity and quality of extensions. Earlier, the user interface was "difficult"; however, the company has worked much into the area by gradually improving the specifications.

But, the total cost of ownership is significantly higher. Also, the quality of templates available here is much lower, and the development community is much smaller. Drupal is definitely a great CMS; however, the total cost of ownership and the still-not-so-easy interface make it less attractive.


Joomla is a popular CMS. It has a strong design community and offers diverse templates. Also, it provides the most significant number of quality third-party extensions with zero customization. The platform is pretty mature and equally stable. With so many extensions, be sure of fast development, cost-effective scalability and minimum support. Besides, our website development company in New York recommends it as it offers the lowest cost of ownership in the long term.


Sharepoint is not an appropriate CMS to build for websites. Sharepoint was designed to be an intranet document management system. When used for websites, it presents a very high learning curve from the user's perspective. Any software can be adapted to whatever is necessary, and Sharepoint can be adapted to build websites.


Architectural design skills matter when it comes to the design principle. You need to partner with the right firm for a seamless interaction process. Contact us today for better business flow.