Spam Score of a Website and What Is It Used For?

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Spam Score is basically a system developed by SEO data and software company Moz. It attempts to figure out how spammy the sites are—subsequently, it's about how trustworthy the site is. Moreover, sites are graded on a scale of 0 to 17. While the lower part is the most trustworthy one and the higher end are less reliable.

With the rise in competition, things are not limited to webmasters, and business owners need to watch their own websites' spam scores. There has been a massive rise in digital marketers, bloggers and online content creators and media-savvy who need to get an update on their spam score.

You don't want spammy websites linking to you as a growing business. And, if you don't work on it, it negatively affects your site's backlink portfolio reducing the organic visibility. As a leading digital marketing agency based in New York, V1 Technologies can help you with all your business challenges.

Moreover, the worst thing that can happen is when you get algorithmically penalised by Google or other search engines.

How to check a site's spam score?

Finding the website's spam score isn't rocket science. All you need to do is input the website URL into Moz' open site explorer. This will instantly provide a mini-website report. Details here include domain authority, page authority and inbound links.

Apart from the spam score for your website's home page, you also get individual scores for any page on the site. As far as the spam score is concerned, any issue on the site's architecture can have a significant effect.

However, you'll be allowed to carry out only a small number of Open Site Explorer checks per day unless you have full access to the Moz account. Meanwhile, your website may not be indexed by Moz; as a result, there's no Spam Score assigned. Here the Moz crawler has not crawled every site on the internet.

Exceptions are standard here. This happens in case the website is relatively new or relatively obscure. One way to ensure the crawler actively discovers you are when you acquire backlinks from websites that are already indexed in the Moz. This enables the Moz crawler as a shortcut to your site.

How to decrease Spam Score?

Once you have been provided with a Spam Score, you can further investigate different criteria on the score. Those criteria you tested URL that has fallen afoul of will be highlighted in bold. However, those that don't concern about the URL in question will be transparent looking.

Ultimately, you'll need to fix the spam flags. Most likely, you have control over your website. You can rectify all those "flags' ' by simply writing unique, descriptive and engaging page copy. Also, you can rearrange the ratio of follow and no-follow links in the website's backlink profile. This totally depends on the backlink profile and the level of expertise you get.


So there you have it. Spam Score is a key performer when it comes to online marketing. However, it's one of those areas which shouldn't be much of a problem if you've been adhering to good SEO practices. Still, you need to keep on checking it regularly.

If the Spam Score is getting the site down, you need to fix it. Connect with V1 Technologies today as we help you get things sorted.