Significance of Quality Content for Lead Generation

Lead Generation

It's not a secret that lead generation is a challenge in itself. Moreover, you need to have a robust strategy to attract people to visit your site and turn it into a digital conversation. Reports state that 60 to 80 percent of B2B marketers identify lead generation as a challenge. Besides, six out of ten companies are struggling to fill their pipelines with leads. So, what exactly are the reasons behind these issues? Well, lack of quality content!

According to Content Marketing Institute's 2015 benchmark report, 86 percent of B2B marketers utilize content marketing. Also, 70 percent plan to increase content creation. Therefore, the secret to your digital growth lies in the quality of content you run on your website.

High-quality content is the foundation of effective outbound lead generation. On the other side, an underdeveloped piece of content negates the business growth, leading to overall failure. Premium quality content will pay a dividend at all stages of a campaign.

Before You run Campaign

When it comes to lead generation, there's a strong link between quality content and costs. The typical process here involves submitting an asset and targeting criteria to a vendor. Let's assume it's not a rejected, low-quality content; then it may raise 35 percent of the cost per lead (CPL). That's an essential increase of $7 for a basic $20 CPL

The reason is simple; outbound vendors understand that low-quality content requires more broadcasts and more contact fatigue. On the other side, quality content results in a more competitive CPL price. It aims to connect with the right target group.

During the lead generation Campaign

Lead generation creates a derived content package. The digital marketing company in New York runs an email, a landing page, and a confirmation page. This helps promote a given asset. Besides, the derived content is as good as the original piece. Besides, here's what the key to email means.

"To give them just enough information and ensure they click-through."

If the content gets convoluted or complicated to explain, the vendor may skip it, leading to fewer or perhaps zero conversions. Meanwhile, an appealing, well-targeted asset enables your business for more compelling derived content and more excellent conversion.

In addition to a strong premise, content enriched with graphics (pictures, images, charts, boxes, quotes, and more), your business will experience an effective lead generation process.

After the lead generation campaign

The content is vital before, during, and after the campaign. Running a campaign means you're here to drive the audience to download and consume the asset. With the premium-quality content, you can secure its point across efficiently and further present the logical next steps to the reader. In order to overcome the challenge of diminishing attention spans, the content needs to convey its message. Remember, the average attention of an individual is between a few minutes to 20 minutes. Only the highest quality content may hold the attention of the reader.

Final Wrap

From the initial to the final step, your website needs to run effective content. Companies that fail to have a substantial presence online are promoting their assets. So, make sure you make a difference with quality content.