Reminiscing Salient Features Mobile App Developers Implement When Creating Apps

Mobile App Developers

Mobile app development has been there for a very long time. The prospects of trying out for a feature-laden innovative app excites most of the users. This has led to teaming up with talented app developers and cultivating the potential behind them towards phenomenal success. If you are one of those who want to make big, you need to make sure that your very ideas are protected from getting stolen. As a business holder, your app development team will turn your ideas into reality, but it can be nicked if anyone has the slightest hint about it.

V1 Technologies has a team of developers, designers and marketers who can develop your ideas into a business application. Technology has been always there for betterment; however, there have been many circumstances of basking the glory by stealing the idea. As a business holder, here's what we do and recommend you to do too before jumping any further.

Copyright the App

Copyright is the best thing when it comes to preserving intellectual property. But, you should know that your ideas cannot fall under copyright. It is fruitful once the developer comes with the project. On the other side, it is relatively cheaper than other options and provides the general level of protection from getting copied or theft.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Most of the business establishment go with a Non-disclosure agreement to protect their intellectual property. When you work with V1 Technologies, we offer a Non-disclosure agreement and further start the project. We have the best attorney and can make sure that clients don’t face any legal issues in the future.

Non-Compete Agreement

A Non-compete agreement helps maintain the secret from revealing to others, especially the rival companies. It refrains the developer and other professionals from working on a project or clients that directly compete with you. This means the team won't be able to work on your competitor's project for a certain period, although they complete and handover the work to you. A non-compete agreement safeguards your app's idea.

Apply for Patent

Getting your app a patent can be tricky. App's code and ideas are now being patented, it may take two to three years after you apply for it. Once you get it done, you get full protection against independent development of the same technology by other competitors. Likewise, a patent does not come cheap, sometimes it may cost more than what you invest in the overall development.


Trademark restrict others from using the words or symbols, including logos and icons associated with your app. You should trademark the name of all the features and services that your app provides. Think of top apps like Instagram, Facebook or Angry Bird. Their identity defines their companies; therefore, they don't let your competitor create copies of your products with similar names, logos or other commercial aspects.

Doing Business with The Right People

You should know about the people you are working. Make sure they have a good reputation or have earned goodwill in the market through their work ethics. You will need to work with these people closely; therefore, you must select trustworthy people.