5 Reasons Your Business Website Should Run Blog Posts

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With the rise in online business, small businesses are now seeking the help of web development companies to launch their service online. If your business lacks a digital presence, you're missing the proper business flow. Moreover, if you plan to enhance the visibility and credibility of your company amongst your customers, make sure you consider getting an online presence. Here, you need to regularly post quality content on the website to bring business visibility. The blog post of your website lets your customers understand your business position. Meanwhile, this equally secures your SEO portion, helping your stand ahead in the competition.

Here V1 Technologies , mentions critical reasons why your business website should

Drive traffic to the website

A website that runs blog posts can get more traffic than the one that lacks. You should know that good SEO results are driven by new content and relevant keywords. This means you need to update the website with fresh content. Moreover, this helps your site rank higher in search engine results than other websites.

Facts: With minimal expense and effort, your blogs can boost search engine rankings, build credibility, enhance website traffic and foster relationship with customers.

Convert traffic into leads

Once the website starts getting more traffic, your business has the opportunity to convert that traffic into leads. Each new content offers a chance to generate leads. There's a call-to-action to each blog post attached that fructify the performance.

Blogs should offer something that consumers will give up their contact information, i.e., free e-book, free webinar or quote. Once you get their contact information, the sales team can follow up with those leads.

Develop a relationship with potential customers

The comment section can be a place on the website to bring discussion with consumers. Encouraging engagement on the blog is quite simple. Asking topics at the end of a post to get the discussion going, waiting for readers to leave comments or interacting with those readers builds trust and insight into what customers are looking for.

Drive long-term results

Once you write a blog, you can always promote it on social channels. With some shares, the traffic driven by that post will slow to trickle. Slowly the page ranks at the search engine. Like the remaining static pages on the website, the blog may extend to be attended as long as it's on the web. A website that has a substantial amount of blog content shall continue to boost total traffic.

Social Media

Blog content needs to be shared on social media. Content that's valuable, interesting and entertaining are likely to get more social shares. Moreover, the content that you share on social media will point directly to your website. Likewise, there are sharing options available to your blog so visitors can quickly share the content, turning the readers into potential customers.


Blogging is a powerful tool to promote your business online. However, it is equally essential to have well-curated write-ups that your audience likes to read.