Is Your Website SEO Friendly: 5 Proven Ways To Determine An Optimized Website

Proven Ways To Determine An Optimized Website

SEO is the key to generating relevant traffic to your website. If your site is SEO friendly to the search engine, it'll definitely rank at the top. Therefore, in order to rank better, optimization of the website is only the option. While each digital agency runs its own strategies, it can sometimes be challenging due to the rise in competition.

The primary concern should be on both on-site and off-site SEO. Note it down carefully, on the on-site SEO, things are under your control and can be changed when needed. On the other side, off-site SEO is not directly on your website, and you may lack immediate control, including links of other websites.

So, as you stick with us, we’ll focus only on the on-site SEO


There are undoubtedly great wizards with excellent skills; however, most digital marketers are not web developers. There is a significant difference between both. Only quality coordination of the team develops a healthy outcome for your site.

The most important thing about your website is to have a neat and tidy coding structure to assist Google crawlers swiftly pass through it. If crawlers trip on extra tags or poorly formatted lines, your site won't perhaps show the result that you expect the most.


The URL should contain similar keywords as used elsewhere on the website. At times URL can be a headache and give the browser crawlers a headache too. Sometimes, dealing with dynamically generated e-commerce website pages need comprehensive understandings. Therefore, V1 Technologies include teams of developers who ensure that search engines crawlers easily recognize the site.


Content has the greatest significance in SEO. Likewise, most common errors also pop up in site audit here. However, you can always access the issue and modify it. Remember, a website needs to have enough content on the page. Additionally, content is more than a bunch of keywords. It should be readable and provide relevant information on the service you offer. Use only specific keywords that you plan to target.

The semantics of word count tends to change frequently, therefore stay with the best SEO practice for your website’s benefits.

Page Speed

It's a common thing if your site is slow, the user experience (UX) will be worse. Users don't want to wait for a page with poor loading speed. If it takes too long, they won't hesitate to move to the next site. For testing the site's speed, web design agency experts utilize Google Page Speed. It's a great tool and helps determine both mobile and desktop site speed.

Meanwhile, it provides suggestions to improve the page speed, ranging from link error, broken link or improperly sized images.


2021 is more about user-friendliness. People look for a site that adjusts to the screen size of your mobile phone. Web design agencies focus on condensed menus with a special focus on augmentedsize phone numbers and email addresses for clear visibility. In the end, conversion grows with improved UX.

Final Takeaway

Now you must have understood the significance of optimization for your website growth. SEO friendly websites can easily rank at the top in the SERPs. With the right strategy, your website can also be at the top. However, search engines like Google keep updating their algorithm and having a team of web experts can swiftly float your boat even in stormy weather.