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Parallax web design is the trendiest form of web design where the background of the web page moves at a slower pace in comparison to the foreground. This provides a 3D visual effect by creating an illusion of depth as the user scrolls through the website. This technique is also called parallax scrolling. Parallax scrolling websites provide a delightful experience to the website visitors.

Our web designers use this parallax scrolling method to create stunning websites for you. Our storytelling approach is more holistic in nature which keeps the user engaged. This approach ensures the time spent on the web pages longer compared to that of other websites. This provides a more interactive viewing experience to the visitor.

What Do We Offer in Our 10+ Pages Parallax Websites?

  • We create a beautiful and engaging story which a viewer can enjoy through our parallax web designs.
  • We never make the web design too complex. Hence, we ensure less page loading time and encourage the visitor spend more time on the web page.
  • We make it enjoyable with the use of layers.
  • We help in more calls to action.
  • Our web designers are all well-versed with Raster Parallax, Repeat Pattern, Layered Parallax, and the simple Sprite Method.
  • We effectively use parallax designs on a variety of websites; for portfolios, landing pages, corporate websites and on many more such websites.

Here are The Reasons to Hire V1 Technologies as Your Parallax Website Designer?

  • We at V1 Technologies have a dedicated team of website designers and developers who work on your project by fully immersing themselves to create the best parallax website for you.
  • We always discuss your objectives and goals you have set for yourself while designing your website so as to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Our customer service is best in class.
  • We offer you budget-friendly parallax web designs which not only are appealing to the viewers but also ensure that they spent more time on the web page.

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