Marketing Trends Digital Agencies Recommend Not to Miss

Marketing Trends Digital Agencies Recommend Not to Miss

If your business has the intention of remaining at the top, you must adapt to the evolving landscape that technology has to offer you. At one point, AI, voice search engine optimization and data-driven marketing were business concepts but as of now, these trends are the most prioritized concept for business owners across the globe.

In the current era, where there is a significant advancement in technology, marketers can no longer stick their heads in the sand and go with the old method forever. So here are trends that digital agencies focus.


2020 has shown the significance of AI towards industrial dominance. In fact, AI has been the core of many industries globally and is definitely the future as it has helped businesses and institution cover simple jobs. Leading companies like Microsoft and Uber deploy robots to patrol parking lots in order to predict and prevent crimes. On the other side, AI analyzes consumers search pattern and online behaviour, allowing the business to understand their customers as well as the market. The application of AI will be significant in the areas such as


Chatbots will have a significant impact on digital marketing in 2021. Instant messaging with real-time customer management has not only helped save the cost but also organize the service. Chatbots are quite responsive and offer a prompt and accurate reply. Also, they meet all the customer's expectation automating repetitive tasks. These days most of the brands hire Chatbot technology to keep their customers engaged.

Voice Search and Smart Speakers

The development in 5G will undoubtedly make voice search more smooth. On the other side, companies have to rethink their digital marketing strategies. Likewise, voice search provides relevant information as per the search of the customer. On the other side, many brands have started producing voice search optimized content. Some of the leading companies include

Google Assistant and Alexa on the other side allow functioning as per the user's command and queries. One speciality about the voice search technology is that it needs a conventional tone with a focus on featured snippets on Google.

Social Media Stories

Snapchat was the first to opt for “My stories” concept followed by Instagram, Facebook and finally Youtube. Likewise, stories disappear after a certain time, and this is where a digital agency can spice up things. Also, FOMO effect (Fear of missing out) generation has much to do with the short, time dedicated stories.

Aggressive Content Marketing

Google rolls out updates on the search algorithm consecutively. The recent update equally focused on crisp content quality. Likewise, the next rollout will be around June; therefore, it's best to follow the changes that Google typically wants to suggest. Website speed, well-written content and useful links are definitely worthy; however, content marketing is important with over 88% of content marketers focusing on developing content making the audience believe that the organization is credible.

SEO Split Testing

When availing modern marketing service, it's all about testing and analysis. The A/B split testing allows you to isolate variables of the campaign and identify campaigns that drive the result that benefits you.