Latest Website Features You Need to Roll-Out

Web Design

You may have an outdated website if it has been there over the internet for a very long time. You might want to choose a skilful team to work on it quickly if it's so. With the exponential advancement in technology, sorting out such matters need not be a big deal. While it might take a web developer a week or two to get things ready, you won't have to endure the embarrassment of a poorly designed website at someplace in the search engine.

However, if you have planned to update your website, there are certain features and functionalities you must work on. As you stick with this section, we’ll focus on features that your website should roll out.

Display Contact Information

Although it seems as simple as it is, most companies miss displaying contact information. What our expert marketers recommend is the inclusion of phone numbers and email. This helps in generating sales inquiry. CTA’s like “email us” direct customers to either open an account or get linked to the contact form.

However, you need to ensure that you have easy-to-use contact and inquiry forms throughout the site.

Run Blogs

When in digital, your content needs to be up to the mark. Online marketing allows you to influence customers and get benefits out of it. You can always run a blog under the domain name instead of off-site services like A blog allows you to promote business in many ways. The benefits that you may avail include:

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Communication channel via social sites like Facebook and Twitter

The business establishment with the help of your customers

Testimonials and Case Study

You need to earn the customer's trust before they choose you. Your digital marketing team can help you build business credibility by sharing expertise and tracking records from clients and customers.

Running a testimonial page lets new prospects understand the business. Actual endorsement from recognisable companies and organisations mean a lot when branding your organisation. But, make sure you seek permission from clients when you use their name.

SEO Strategy

Optimising your website allows your business to influence customers online. An appropriate flow of keywords that matches a searcher’s intent is vital for generating website traffic. In fact, this is a part of an intelligent search engine optimisation strategy. Some of the best practices that digital marketing company in New York recommend are

● Make titles and meta description with SEO in mind

● Keep URL structures concise and easy with flow

About Us Section

Most companies skip this page when developing a website. The “About Us” section on the website allows your company to speak about the products and services. You get an option to outline your future goals. Also, you may consider including founders, business leaders and further information about your team.

Social Media

You should definitely include an icon, page or a section on the contact page with links to social media platforms. Marketers prefer linking pages in such a way that visitors may find it quick and easy to access.