How to Fix Ranking Issues in Google?

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Your website has got unlimited potential when it comes to lead generation. However, if that's not happening, there are some minor tweaks that website development companies in New York highly recommend. Moreover, a website not ranking in Google means that you need to invest in search engine optimization (SEO).

At V1 Technologies, we're a leading digital marketing company based in New York. We've helped American businesses stand ahead globally when it comes to online marketing. Moreover, we make things smooth for business holders.

Why Your Website is not ranking?

If something of a nagging annoyance, you have to dig and dig through it. When all your competitors are outranking in every service, it's pretty common to question why your site fails to rank. The answer is SEO! However, here are the reasons why you're dying to stay competitive.

Keyword Missing

Google is brilliant, but you need to tell what you serve. With the keywords, people search for throughout the site's titles and content, this is the first step to grab the position. Often our digital marketing experts from New York have come across audits where there is simply NO keyword.

No Content

If your site isn't ranking at all, you might not have worked on the content part. Remember, when you're for an online market, content is the king. Over the past few years, the all-important Google updates have put an increased focus on ranking websites with valuable and well-written content. You should go for informative content.

Duplicate Content

No content is a liability, but inappropriate content can negatively affect your business. Failure to rank on Google can be caused due to poor content quality. Also, Google actively penalizes sites with keyword stuffing. Also, you should never lift keywords from another website.

Bad links

When you get to link your website with other reputable sites, this increases the digital profile. Moreover, your website's ranking gets increased ultimately. On the other hand, links from disreputable sites can downgrade your website's rank on Google. Therefore, you need to be very careful about what to link with and what not to. One of the first things our marketers do at V1 Technologies is audit the link and ensure it has no toxic links causing damage.

Not mobile-friendly

Still, if the website doesn't make it to the correct position, you need to check how mobile-friendly the website is. Moreover, older sites can prove to be Achilles's heel. A place that isn't mobile-friendly won't efficiently function on a phone or tablet. Sites that aren't mobile-optimized are penalized. Therefore, they'll have trouble showing up in search engines. Moreover, if the site isn't mobile-friendly, you need to go for a redesign.

Paid media for instant growth

If you don't have time to wait for organic exposure, you should definitely go for paid campaigns. Here are some

Google Ads

Google Ads let your website show immediately at the top of relevant search for your industry. It is a hyper-effective solution for your SEO.

Social media Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are some of the sites where you can advertise your services. Social media sites help you build brand awareness, drive site visitors, and even gran new leads.

So, these were some of the most effective ways to fix your website's ranking. Reach out to us now in case you need any help.