Here’s What Marketers Have to Say About 2021 Android App Development

Here’s What Marketers Have to Say About 2021 Android App Development

Everyone knows that the android app is the most demanding application. In fact, it has an overall share of 85% in the market. From calendars to web browsers and social media application, the Andriod system supports major application and is equally easy to maintain, unlike the iOS applications. Today, major businesses are now developing the Android application in order to retain their customers.

Having said that, you can see how the Google Play store is filled with some of the exceptional applications making our day to day life more smooth and flexible. As you stick with this article, we will emphasize on how android application can transform your business in the long run.

5G Technology

The impact of 5G will soon take over the world. With most smartphone sets featuring 5G capabilities, companies can now deal with customers at a lightning speed. On the other side, having an exceptional application will only make things more smooth and business-friendly. Also, V1 Technologies can develop a feature-rich app, enhancing business performance.

Multiplatform Development

Flutter is the latest feature offered by Google, and it will be the future of android application development. Interestingly, the framework enables developers to design an application using a native interface for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Software developers combine Flutter into their app development process, making it a trend in Android app development. Meanwhile, it offers an amazing interface and a perfect set of features.

AI and Machine Learning

Cloud computing has allowed the integration of AI making the app more versatile. With machine learning, your app gets the opportunity to incorporate various features to the application. Basically, the AI allows you to streamline products and service as per your customer's requirement.

The overall integration assists you to swiftly re-target buyers further generating business sales. Now, there is no need to wait and watch but to act and leave.

Instant Apps

The shift in technological transformation has allowed instant android application. Most of the gaming companies take the advantage of the instant app, allowing them to try games without actually installing them. In fact, users no longer need to download a huge application they can utilize the gaming experience through the web application.


The prime focus of any business application is to save time. This is why companies now run chatbot. These are simple application that assists new customers providing all the necessary information at the shortest timeframe.

Android Slices is one such application that helps the developer manage crucial content from the apps itself. Also, you can run a virtual assistant service to help manage the business.


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