Are You Ready for SEO Changes?

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It's been quite surprising so far in terms of SEO (search engine optimization), and we're not even near the end yet. From organizing search results around the pandemic to avoid misinformation to Google's Featured Snippet updates, there's been plenty of changes to keep marketers on high alert. However, this is nothing new. The SEO keeps on changing, and we can expect more of the same as we look forward.

As you read the article, we'll focus on the latest changes you should look forward to in the upcoming times.

Google Page Experience Update

One of the most significant announcements about SEO changes to come out of Google this year; the Page Experience Updates essentially confirms user experience. Moreover, it'll be an essential factor for SEO.

Besides, the page experience updates are based on the Core Web Vitals. It measures the speed and usability of a web page. Again, the Core Web Vitals look at metrics like the page's responsiveness, interactivity, and whether or not the content layout shifts as the page loads.

Our experts from the leading digital marketing company in New York focus on improving the page load speed, reducing the bounce rate, and eliminating unexpected layout shifts for any website pages experiencing these issues.


Google also measure the strength of the brand as we move into the new year. The search engine giant has been focusing on E-A-T (expertise, authority, trustworthiness, the importance of these signals helps continue to grow.

Google focuses on expertise, authority and trustworthiness associated with the brand. Google looks at your website as what others are speaking about the brand. We look for much of this in off-page SEO, which means the activity happens on other websites.

Preparation for the significant change

Our digital marketing team in New York recommend you learn more about the audience. It is best to develop the content the audience wants to consume. A professional team will establish author bios for all the content on the websites. This details their expertise and links out to authoritative sites for definitive proof.

When your website runs high-quality, helpful content, this leads to people and influencers sharing your content, helping boost your brand strength.

Voice Search

Voice search has been in the market for more than a decade. However, with the rise in AI and ML, google has been architecting its search result pages to accommodate the shorter answer. In recent years, voice search has skyrocketed. Besides, an increasing number of users are now dependent on smart devices to provide a quick response. Google is working on the platform; as a result, voice search will gain momentum in the long run.


User experience, brand strength and voice search are the key features in SEO. However, your success totally depends on how well your content serves the purpose. As a business holder, you need to focus on content quality that the audience can rely on. Running such a strategy helps you reap the benefits in the upcoming years.