Here's What You Never Knew About Android App Development

Here's What You Never Knew About Android App Development

Android applications have come a long way. Moreover, its popularity has enabled it to capture over 75% of the market share. So you need not worry as V1 Technologies will help you develop powerful and potential applications. Besides, anyone and everyone is developing an app these days. However, only a few selected get to stand out and help you generate ROI.

Many apps, despite having potential, do not lift off. This is because they lack basic mobile app rules. Therefore, choosing a professional app development company in New York is essential. Also, developers need proper guidance. At V1 Technologies, we're a leading IT company based in New York.

Here are top hacks our team focuses on when building excellent android applications

Integrated Development Environment

Utilizing SDK and installing an IDE is the first step that the app development company in New York will focus on. However, there are numerous android development options available when choosing your IDE. Besides, users are more inclined toward using the Android studio. Moreover, it's straightforward to use and master. Features like auto-corrections and XML file preview can help you with the first steps of application development.

Android programming and coding language

Building an android app requires knowledge of Java. Besides, it's the core language and requires learning XML for Java's design and programming concepts. Once you know XML, you'll need to utilize how to connect them using Android principles.

Utilize libraries

Libraries are an essential part of the app development process. Many organizations use third-party libraries. However, we don't recommend the purpose. Instead, the app development company uses libraries that enhance functionality and infuse the latest technology into your apps to avoid this blunder. Each library serves with different level of purpose. As a result, the development team is highly considerate about this fact.

Clean and organized app code

Every mobile app development firm has its unique style in which coding is applied. They also use different techniques and processes for app development. Sometimes, understanding the code can be pretty challenging, especially when fixing a bug or undergoing app maintenance. Therefore, you must adhere to android coding standards and rules when developing an app for your business.

Catchy designs

Creating an attractive app requires exceptional designs. Usually, a user judges the quality of the app within 30 seconds. Therefore, if you have failed to pay attention to how the app looks, you'll definitely forget in order to make the app look appealing, it's best to use solid and linear icons that justify the theme and branding. Also, the images and colors that you use have a significant effect on the design. Therefore, you should consider them carefully as they can either make or break your business.

Final Wrap

Google regularly runs updates to the OS. So it's advisable to get yourself regularly updated with the latest changes. The great new idea is to take the business to the next level if your enterprise or a start-up is looking to design an app that brings business transformation.